Three Tips on Organising Music for Your Event

Event day is coming up. You want to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

What can you do to make sure your music is ready for your event? We look at three simple steps to getting your music ready for your event.

1. Appoint a person to be in charge of the music

Firstly, it is good practice to make one person responsible for the music playlist. If that is you, you will need to ensure all needed music is ready BEFORE the event starts. You should also be prepared to coordinate any last minute changes to the playlist (for example if a person wants to add a new song item or has a track in a different key).

2. Normalise your music

Next, not all music is created equal. Some audio tracks can be louder than others. One way to manage these different volumes is to use the mixer to adjust volumes “on the fly” as the music gets played. Alternatively, use a software to normalise the music beforehand, allowing all the music to be set to the same level. In this way, you will avoid music being blaringly loud on one track and super-soft on the next.

3. Order your playlist

If you have a number of items or performances taking place during your event that require music, you will want to order these audio tracks beforehand. What you should do is create a new folder on a computer and place all required audio tracks into a folder on a computer. After that, rename them “01-Name of Track One”, “02-Name of Track Two” and so-on, according to the sequence of the performances. This makes it easy for you to to play the tracks in the right sequence during the event.

There you have it – three simple and easy ways to organise music for your upcoming event.

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