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Digital Mixing For Live Sound

From fundamentals to full features. Learn how to get the most out of your digital mixer in a live sound setting. The Digital Mixing for Live Sound course is designed to quickly take you all you need to know to operate your digital mixer professionally. Key concepts covered at this sound engineering course in Singapore include:

  • Understanding the use of a digital mixer
  • How to set the gain structure
  • How to use equalisation to shape sound
  • How to utilise compressors for different applications
  • How to create various spatial effects using reverbs
  • Using the digital mixer to mix in a live band setting

Course Format

Digital Mixing for Live Sound is a three-session sound engineering training course in Singapore. It consists of:

Two 3-hour sessions of classroom instructional training with hands-on activities;
One 1-hour session of one-to-one practice session; and
3 months of access to the instructor for follow up consultation after the end of the course.

It is conducted in-classroom at Music Warehouse Training’s premises at Toh Guan Road East.

What distinguishes Digital Mixing for Live Sound

Digital Mixing for Live Sound is a course that caters to those who need to get up and running with audio and sound systems quickly. For example, these could be those in a church setting who need to operated the sound system from week-to-week.

The features of this instructor-led course include:

  • Small classroom size (Max of 4 participants per class)
  • Hands-on activities with digital mixer
  • Brand-agnostic – concepts taught can be applied to any brand of equipment.
  • Take-home reference course material
  • Dedicated one-to-one instructor-guided practice session to allow participants individualised practise
  • Access to instructor for follow up consultation after the course to address any questions.
  • Led by a Berklee Professional Certificate in Live Sound Production-certified Instructor

Course Instructor

Digital Mixing for Live Sound course is led by a qualified instructor with a Professional Certificate in Live Sound Production.

Professional Certificate in Live Sound Production

View and verify the certificate online here.

Course Fees

The course fees are $500 per participant, inclusive of training materials and training lab access.


Sign up with a friend or friends to enjoy discounts off the course fees.

 Number of Participants Jointly Signing Up  Fees Per Participant
 2  $450
 3  $400
 4  $350

Course Testimonials

“I am a teacher by profession but because of my passion for music, I have been a music producer for the last 20 years. I have been recording with popular Bollywood artists and recording studios in India. However lately, I realized that without having at least a basic knowledge on the recording and mixing process it is impossible for me to get the best out of my productions.

Having looked around in Singapore for short term courses, nothing seemed to fit my schedule or budget. It was purely by chance that I came across ‘Digital Mixing for Live Sound’ course by Music Warehouse. It was a short course and at an affordable price. The course is designed in such a way that it is suitable for a layman but at the same time, it covers all basic elements of a sound engineering course. This has been an important stepping stone for my further training in sound mixing and mastering. Although the course is designed for live sound only, I could apply all of it into a recording setting.”

 – Sachin Das, Digital Mixing for Live Sound Course Participant

Upcoming Course Dates

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