PA & Instrument Rentals in Singapore

Suitable for:

  • Band Performances
  • Acoustic Performances

Depending on what is required, equipment can include:

  • Front-of-House Loudspeakers
  • Stage Monitors
  • Microphones
  • Mixers, Digital or Analog
  • Power Amplifiers
  • DI Boxes
  • Micing-up of Equipment
  • Backline (Instrument Amplifier) Rental
  • Sound Technicians

Whether you are staging a performance that involves an acoustic setup with just a singer and guitar player, or one that has a full band setup that includes drums, keyboards, guitars, bass and singers, get a sound system that supports the performance.

With front-of-house speakers for the audience and floor monitors for on-stage performers to perform at their best, Music Warehouse’s sound system support live performers to help them play at their best.

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