PA & Instrument Rentals in Singapore

Open Houses, Live Events, Outdoor Parties

Suitable for:

  • Event spaces
  • Emcee-ing or hosting the event
  • Providing background music
  • Supporting different presenters

Sound System can include:

  • Two or more loudspeakers on stands
  • Wired or Wireless microphone
  • Wireless headset microphones
  • iPhone/iPad/Laptop audio connector cable to plug in your device
  • Sound technician on standby
  • Includes delivery, setup and collection

You are holding an event or a roadshow and need an audio system which can support your event or show.

Depending on your needs, a solution can be customised for your PA and sound needs. This can include two or more speakers depending on the size of the space, and include various types of microphones such as wired, wireless handheld or headset microphones.

We can also provide a sound technician to operate and oversee the sound if needed.

Contact us today at 6778-5759 to find out more or submit your details below to get a quote for a suitable sound system (such as our Standard PA Package) for your event.

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