PA & Instrument Rentals in Singapore

for 3-hour rental, inclusive of delivery, setup and collection

Suitable for:

  • House Parties
  • Small Venues
  • Audience of less than 50 persons

Pop-up Band includes:

  • Two 8″ loudspeakers with stands and 10 metre speaker cable
  • Two wired microphones with stands
  • One powered mixer
  • iPhone/iPad/Laptop audio connector cable to plug in your device
  • One 10″ Combo Bass Amplifier
  • One Pearl Rhythm Traveler COMPACT Drum Set (10”, 12”, 14” Toms, 20” Kick, 14” Snare, a pair of Hi-hats, 1x Ride Cymbal)
  • Option of: One Korg Kross 61-keys Keyboard or One Takamine D-series Guitar or One 15w Combo Electric Guitar Amplifier
  • Includes delivery, setup and collection
  • For events longer than 3 hours, ask about extended rental periods

Add-on options:

  • Additional wired or wireless microphones
  • Additional loudspeakers
  • Stage monitors
  • Sound technicians

The Pop-up Band is ideal for intimate parties and get-togethers where you and your friends want live music and to jam. It has all you need for that EPIC jam sessions with your friends. In the package, you get two loudspeakers with a powered mixer, two wired microphones, one COMPACT drum set, one bass amplifier and a option of either (A) a 61-key keyboard, (B) an one acoustic guitar or (C) an electric guitar amplifier. It is designed to cater to house parties or small event venues – so that your neighbours don’t end up banging on your door.

The powered mixer has 8 channels, 4 mono and 4 mono / 2 stereo lines. It has a 2-band EQ with in-built reverb unit and onboard feedback suppressor.

The keyboard is a lightweight, 61-key keyboard workstation. It has a variety of piano, electric piano and drum sounds, along with other instruments.

The bass amplifier has a 1 x 10″ speaker.

The Pop-up Band consists of three main components, the mixer console, the two speakers and the instruments. Depending on the requirements at the event, the speaker can be placed appropriately to cover the audience in the room. The mixer console is the location from which the volumes of the microphones, background music and instruments are controlled.

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