PA & Instrument Rentals in Singapore

for 3-hour rental, inclusive of delivery, setup and collection

Suitable for:

  • Indoor events/outdoor events with shelter
  • Suitable for places without a power supply; battery lasts about 6 hours
  • Small size events, up to 150 pax
  • Providing background music
  • Supporting presentations, wedding solemnisations, conferences, and more

Portable PA Pro System includes:

  • Two battery-powered, sleek-looking, professional loudspeakers with subwoofers
  • Two wireless microphones
  • One battery-powered mixer
  • 3.5mm audio connector cable to plug in your device
  • Includes delivery, setup and collection
  • For events longer than 3 hours, ask about extended rental periods

Add-on options:

  • Additional wired or wireless microphones
  • Sound technicians

Not suitable for unsheltered outdoor or large events. For outdoor and large events, see Standard PA System.

The Portable PA Pro System includes two battery-powered professional loudspeakers with subwoofers, mixer and two wireless microphones for events such as indoor events, seminars, small to mid-sized speaking engagements and ROMs. It is also suitable for places where there is no power supply or where power access is limited.

The Portable PA Pro System consists of three main components, the microphones, the mixer console and the two speakers. Depending on the requirements at the event, the speaker can be placed appropriately to cover the audience in the room. The speakers must be placed within 15 metres from the mixer. This distance is limited by the length of the cabling. The mixer console is the location from which the volumes of the microphones and background music are controlled.

The Portable PA Pro System can be rented alone or with additional sound management services (additional charges apply). Rental of the Portable PA Pro System includes delivery and setup of the equipment.

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