PA & Instrument Rentals in Singapore

for three days, self-collect and self-return. Additional $100.00 refundable deposit required.

Suitable for:

  • Small meetings and gatherings
  • Audience of 20 to 40 persons
  • Providing background music
  • Locations without any power

Portable PA System includes:

  • One small powered speaker
  • One wired microphone
  • 3.5mm audio connector cable to plug in your device
  • Self-collect and self-return. Collect on Day 1 after 10am and return on Day 3 before 5pm. Collection and return strictly by appointment only.
  • Delivery available at additional charge

Add-ons (Chargeable):

  • Additional Wired Microphones
  • Cable to link up two Portable PA Systems together

Portable PA System

The Portable PA System is ideal for situations where no AC power supply from the wall power point is available. It can also be used with AC power supply.

The Portable PA System consists of a Mackie Freeplay unit, which is surprisingly loud for its size, and can run off either its internal battery or through a wall socket.

The Portable PA comes with an in-built 3 channel mixer. This allows up to two wired microphones to be used together with the system. It also allows a device such as an MP3 player or mobile phone to connected to it to play music.

Furthermore, two of these units can be linked together to increase the volume.

The Portable PA System comes with its own carry bag.

Contact us today at 6778-5759 to find out more or submit your details below to check the availability of the Portable PA System for your event.

If you need a two speaker system, view our Standard PA System here.

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