PA & Instrument Rentals in Singapore

Small Meetings, Presentations, Classrooms

Suitable for:

  • Small rooms, presentations, team-building events
  • Audience of 20 to 40 persons
  • Providing background music
  • Supporting small A/V presentations

Mini PA package includes:

  • One 5.25″ active speaker
  • One wired microphone
  • One microphone stand
  • iPhone/iPad/Laptop audio connector cable to plug in your device
  • Includes delivery, setup and collection

The Mini PA package provides a compact solution which allows you to address an audience of between 20 to 40 persons with a professional sound system.

It can be used in rooms of different sizes such as meeting rooms, conference rooms and interaction areas. For smaller-sized rooms, it can even be used to address audiences of more than 40 persons.

The Mini PA package includes one wired microphone. However, the system can accommodate up to two microphones. These can either be wired or wireless microphones or even used with headset microphones. With its small size, it can even fit comfortably on a conference table to provide A/V support for laptop presentations.

The Mini PA is equipped with a 150w built-in amplifier and a 3 channel mixer section. This allows up to two microphones and one device such as a laptop or MP3 to be plugged in. The 5.25″ speaker provides surprisingly loud volumes for its size and the three band EQ section allows it to be tuned to suit the room it is in and the surroundings.

Mini PA Add-on options:

  • Additional Wired or Wireless Microphones
  • Additional Wireless Headset Microphones
  • Link up two Mini PA Systems

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Illustration of Dimensions

Illustration of Mini PA Dimensions