PA & Instrument Rentals in Singapore

Need a wired microphone for your event?

Rent the microphone and plug it in to your own sound system or mixer. Our wired microphones come with microphone stand and 3-metre XLR cables by default.

Both vocal and instrument microphones are available for rent. They can be paired with either a standard boom microphone stand, short microphone stand or even a table top microphone stand, depending on what is required.

The wired microphone needs to be plugged into a PA or sound system at the event venue. You would also need to check with the venue if their system is able to accommodate additional microphones into their system. Our microphones use XLR cables and the mixer will need to be able to take in XLR cables.

If the venue does not have a sound system or mixer that can accept XLR inputs, you may need a separate sound system to be setup at the location. We can provide either a Basic PA Package or Standard PA Package to support your event.

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